Last Shadow at First Light (2023)

Nicole’s debut feature examines the intangible nature of trauma and the ripples of its aftermath through 16-year-old Ami who is haunted by visions. It stars veteran actors Masatoshi Nagase, Mariko Tsutsui, Peter Yu and Mihaya Shirata in her debut role.

The film is executive produced by Jeremy Chua’s Potocol (Singapore), Shozo Ichiyama’s Fourier Films (Japan), and Bostjan Virc’s Studio Virc (Slovenia) in association with Purple Tree Content, Fire and Ice Media, cogitoworks, Nocturne Films, Hello Group, Prism Pictures, White Light Bangkok, VS Service, and True Colour Media.

At project stage, the film was winner of TorinoFilmLab Feature Lab’s TFL Coproduction Award and SEAFIC Lab’s SEA Open Fund. The project was also mentored at the Singapore International Film Festival’s SEA Lab and Talents Tokyo. The Singapore Film Commission, Slovenian Film Centre, Purin Pictures, and Talents Tokyo Next Masters Support Program supported production. It was awarded the Kongchak award at Asian Project Market 2022 in Busan.

The film was shot in both Singapore and Japan and made its world premiere at the prestigious San Sebastián International Film Festival New Directors competition in 2023. It has been nominated for two awards at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2023, for Best Screenplay and Best Performance.